We are Kostym – a design agency that dress up brands, companies and packaging. We´re specialized in concept development, packaging design and brand development.


In addition to packaging design, we also carry out effective marketing campaigns, commercials, content and websites based on our clients wishes.


With over 5000 packaging solutions in our backpack you get an experienced, safe and efficient agency with extensive knowledge of packaging, analysis, strategy and marketing. Less talk. More packaging.

Kostym Designindustries is a design agency located in Karlstad, Sweden. Our focus is packaging design that creates business value for you and your business, but we love the whole customer journey – from brand concept and packaging design to a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our work since 2000, together with our curiosity and willingness to learn more about your needs, has resulted in successful packaging solutions and marketing strategies that simply work!
Kostym is also part of Marvaco Group, the leading prepress supplier for packaging in the Nordic region, and handles over 30,000 packaging decors annually. In Sweden, Marvaco has production units in Sunne and Helsingborg and mainly produces repro and printing molds for the printing industry. www.marvaco.com